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Hearts of Ishira


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What do other readers think of Ishira?

Hearts of Ishira is well written with good pacing and excellent world building. I found Ishira to be quite as believable a world as Darkover- I've even dreamed about it, and I don't do that often. The characters are well rounded, and the erotic scenes... yummy! The relationships are healthy and empowering; the sex erotic and steamy without ever becoming porn. An excellent read from a promising new author! I am looking forward to the sequel.
~ M. Eld

I thought this book was amazing, it has great detail, and the characters are evolved with a depth of quality that makes them so realistic. As I read I felt like I was living on this planet I could see the people, and the background of the cultures provided a great foothold for understanding the plot line. *Overall great characters, awesome plot, and good naughty scenes.
~ V. Rose