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Excerpts from Brothers in Arms...

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"Crap on a cracker," Jace murmured, frustrated. Ri chortled at his use of her Earth saying. He grinned up at her and winked.
"What is it, love?" she asked. He shook his head in frustration.
"I forgot to put a towel in my kit last time I used it. My hands are covered with the salve and I need to bandage Sean again."
"I'll do it," Hunter bit out before Ri could offer her help. Sean glared at him.
"I don't trust you," Sean said baldly. "You tickle."
"I haven't tickled you since I was a kitten. Tickling is for children," Hunter scoffed. Ri raised her eyebrows at him, trying to imagine him as a tiny child. She'd never heard any of them refer to themselves as ‘kittens' before. She nearly giggled at the thought.
"You didn't seem to think that last night," she reminded him with a saucy grin. "Or do you see me as a child, my love?"
"Tread lightly, Hunter," Jace said in a sing-song warning voice. Sean grinned openly at Hunter's dilemma.
"Tickling is for children and love-making," Hunter amended quickly. "Especially when the object of one's love-making is tied up and can't do anything about it."
Ri glared at him for that, as her cheeks went hot with memory. Beside her, Sean's eyes widened in gleeful discovery.
"She likes to be restrained, does she?" he asked speculatively.
"Stop it!" Ri cried, laughing, "All of you! This is not about me. We need to get Sean bandaged."
"And I will do so," Hunter said, grabbing the roll of bandages and making quick work of wrapping his brother's belly securely. He tied off the end. "See? Done."
"I would have had more fun," Ri muttered, her eyes locked to Sean's muscular torso for a long moment.
"Which is why I did it," Hunter informed her with a wicked grin. Ri stared at him.
"Are you trying to keep me from getting to know him better?" she asked, stunned that her mate would do something like that just to frustrate her. He shook his head, chuckling.
"Nope," he said. "I'm trying to keep him from making you fall in love with him."
Ri snorted and rolled her eyes. Sean glared at his brother.
"Is that how it's going to be?" he growled.
"Would I thwart my beloved older brother?" Hunter's eyebrows went up in innocent question, a hand over his heart as though wounded by the thought.
"In a heartbeat," Sean bit back.
"Oh, yes," Jace nodded. "It's much more fun that way."
"You are all idiots," Ri announced, glaring at them as she got to her feet. She deposited her kimi comb in the basket, along with all the fur she and Sean had collected, and stood up, a fierce scowl on her face. She had no idea how she was keeping herself from laughing. But her men thought her absolutely adorable when she tried to look mean, so she kept it up. "I'm going home. You guys sit here and be brothers, if you must. When you can be human beings… er… adults again, you may join me."
"But we were having fun!" Jace called after her plaintively. She threw her chin up and stomped off, basket in hand. As she went, three little kimi heads popped up over the edge of the basket.
"We're going to have more kimi poop for the garden," Hunter sighed, shaking his head. Sean grinned.
"Too bad I'm not allowed to bend over to pick stuff up yet," he lamented, shaking his head in mock regret. "Looks like you're on your own for poop duty."